Employment Lawyers

What to look for with employment lawyers

Firstly, make sure your lawyer specialises in the field of employment. Choosing a specialist lawyer will mean your issue is expertly handled and quickly resolved, which is all the more important when issues and disputes are sensitive.

You also need to consider exactly where an employment lawyer’s experience lies. Dealing with a lawyer who is used to representing employees is always the top priority. Alongside this, experience in the corporate side of disputes this can also be useful but is not necessarily essential.

One of the most important things to consider is finding a lawyer who you’re comfortable with and who understands your problem. Remember, if you enter into a relationship with an employment lawyer but then find you’re uncomfortable, you can always change lawyers and get legal advice elsewhere.

How can you help your employment lawyer?

There are a few things you can do to help your employment lawyer resolve your dispute quickly. It may be possible to resolve a conflict before it escalates, so be sure to seek legal advice before taking drastic action such as walking out of your job.

Setting out a timeline of events will also help your lawyer to get things in order, especially if you accompany this with documents such as your employment contract, company policy and any correspondence.

UDD can offer you expert advice in the field of employment law, so contact us today if you think you’ve got a claim.