Employment Rights

All full-time employees are also entitled to at least 28 days holiday per year and paid holidays should also be given to part-time staff on a pro-rata basis. Many other employment rights exist too, including a right to ask for flexible working, maternity leave and rest breaks and these are detailed in the Employment Rights Act 1996. The list of rights is very long and legislation is changing all the time, so it can seem difficult to understand, but UDD are here to help.

Whether you have been pushed out of your job for reasons you feel are unfair or are being denied your holidays, we can advise you of your rights and help you to come to a quick and amicable solution with your employer.

We have a strong knowledge of existing employment legislation and the procedures that need to be followed – both as an everyday requirement and in the event of a disagreement.

Whatever stage you are at in an employment dispute, we can offer practical and helpful advice. Contact us today and we will provide your initial consultation for free so you can find out exactly where you stand without having to pay a single penny.