Top Tips


Keep a copy of all relevant documents – your contract of employment, minutes of meetings, letters, etc.


Keep a diary of key events, meetings, conversations, etc.

Personnel File

Ask your employer for a copy of relevant documents (eg in your personnel file) under the Data Protection Act


Know your rights! – our Factsheets will help you with this.

Professional Advice

Get professional advice quickly! Send your details to us as soon as you can to give us as much time as possible to look at your case and help you.


Consider making a recording of any important conversations, meetings etc. If you cannot make a recording of them, try to make a written note of what was said.

Reason for dismissal

If you are dismissed, make a written request for written confirmation of the reasons why you have been dismissed – if your employer refuses to reply in writing you may be entitled to further compensation.


If there you are unhappy about any aspect of the way you are being treated, raise a grievance.

Do it in writing

If you are dismissed, consider lodging an appeal – it is usually better to do this in writing, setting out full reasons why you feel that your dismissal in unfair so there can be no doubt about the points you are raising.


If you think that there are important witnesses who can help your case, ask them to make a short written statement about it now (even if it is just in a short email or note) – they may be more reluctant to help you further down the line.